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Update and My First Studio Shoot Part II ..


Sorry, I meant to get back to this WAY sooner but life has suddenly got very hectic. Spent the last few months trying to kick over a few ant hills and it finally seems to be paying off 🙂

Since my last blog I’ve been a busy boy and worked with some great and lovely people. .. People like the amazing models Dolly Diamond and Ebony Ivy and the talented designers Kim WestFashion and  Kitsch Kaos among others. For more information on that check out Dolly’s latest antics here and the Kim’s style blog here. I’m also going to be trying to update this more regularly so watch this space.

Anyways… back to ‘My first Studio shoot’

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Images from our ‘Fire and Ice’ photoshoot with Dolly Diamond.

Things heat up at the Immortaleye studio as we spend time with the amazing Dolly Diamond.

With expert help from our professional photographer Baron our studio apprentice gets creative and try’s something new. We think the results are pretty hot.

Nils will be explaining how this was done in a later blog but in the mean time enjoy;


If you can’t get enough of the lovely Dolly go see her website for more information and her online portfolio. You can also like Dolly on Facebook.


For more information on our Aylesbury modelling Photographers check out our website here or on our Facebook page.