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Sister Love – Baby photo shoot

portrait photograph of three months old baby

We have talked for a while about posting shoot highlights on a more regular basis. With so many lovely Mums and their babies coming in for their Emma’s Diary baby portrait sessions it was hard to know where to start. Baby holly with her loving sister seems as nice a place as any though.

Since winning the Emma’s Diary baby of the month 2014 we have been adding to our collection of lovely baby wraps and blankets too. Certainly Holly seemed to like them going by her contented look. Big sister Sophie was a little angel too despite still recovering from Chicken pox. Thankfully we were able to remove the last signs of them from the photos.

If you want to try something like this yourself take a look round places like T-Max for suitable baskets you can pad out with a blanket topped with suitable material. Don’t use that camera flash though. Saoft window light is perfect if you don’t have access to studio equipment.

photography session with big sister and her 3 month old new arrival

What to bring to your baby shoot?

Baby portrait by aylesbury based portrait photographer Baron Bratby

Your new babies first weeks and months are amongst the most special moments in your life.  We think the perfect way to save those precious memories is through beautiful photography.

To help make  the most of your shoot we have produced this short guide on what to wear and bring along to your session.  Hopefully you find it helpful.

What clothes to bring for Baby?

You will want to look back on these photos so its important they stand the test of time.

The best baby photos are often the simplest. For young babies the most popular images are of baby natural and unclothed. However with so many cute outfits available here’s our guide to what to choose for timeless baby photos.

Nappy Covers. Not only hides the Pampers but also great for active babies. Plain, pastel or simple solid colours work best.

Plain Baby Grow. Plain, muted tones and pastels work great with perhaps a nice texture.  We want to capture those lovely little detail shots so go for ones that dont cover their feet and arms.

Hats. Some babies just love having their heads covered and hats are also a great way to personalise your shoot.

Knitwear. Little knitted outfits can make great shots and the texture can really add to the photos.

Bring several (at least three) outfits with you.  This helps avoid stress if an outfit gets mussed or drippled on.

What about when babies going to be nude?

The classic nude baby shot is always a popular and classic choice. We have a wide selection of swaddles drapes, props and poses we use to ensure a degree of dignity for the baby.

However, to get the best out of your session here are a few things to think about beforehand.

Loosen up clothing.
Its best to loosen your baby’s diaper and clothing before the photo session. This gives those little imprint marks time to disappear.

Birthmarks and blemishes. All children pick up little scraps and bruises from time to time. This is generally not a problem and can be removed in photoshop. However if there is a larger birthmark you would like us remove (or leave) please let us know.

Skin on skin: Involves Mum or Dad cradling the baby topless. For those seeking a more intimate and natural portrait of themselves  and their baby this style is becoming increasingly popular.

We love doing these photos and  clients adore the result. The simplest and most popular are of Dad shirtless with baby in arms.  If this is something you are considering we recommend wearing a lose fitting top to the shoot (in order to avoid any imprints).

What clothes to wear for Mum and Dad?

We strongly encourage both parents to come along and take part in the fun. In many cases this is the first opportunity to get that memorable photo of you all as a new family – usually one or the other is taking the photos!.

Clothing should of course reflect your personal style but also remain sympathetic to the star of the show, your little baby.

•    We find simple tops with white, black or muted colours work best
•    Avoid Large logos or patterns that compete with baby for attention.
•    Tops with strong colours can create a colour cast on babies skin.
•    Short sleeves allow some ‘skin on skin’ contact with baby
•    Strapless or off the shoulder tops help create an extra intimacy

It is also worth bringing a change of clothes, just in case baby gets over excited at being cuddled in Mum or Dads arms while unclothed!

Special or sentimental items such as a teddy from your own childhood, the family christening robe and wedding rings can all be included to make the session uniquely yours.

What Else to Bring?

And finally there are a few simple things to consider bringing to your session.

•    A bib: To put on between photos in case baby dribbles.
•    Special toys: Such as teddy or rattle that baby will respond to.
•    Baby wipes & changing items: To clean up any messes.
•    Blanket/comforter:  We have a wide range of blankets for shoots but feel free to bring one from home – either to match you home decor or beacuse its of sentimental value.

We are happy to include young brothers and sisters if time and the baby allows. Some very young children can be reluctant to cooperate. This is normal so don’t stress if they fail to understand what you would like them to do. Just  leave it to your photographer – we have a few trick to get the image you are after.

We allow ample time for feeding, changing and other distractions. If you are breast feeding we will of course give you peace, privacy and whatever time your need. If you would actually like a breast feeding photo though please feel free to ask.

Pooping and Peeing
They are babies. Its what they do!  We are used to it so don’t fret.

We looking forward to seeing you for your session soon. If you have an question please free to call the studio or use the contact form. To download this guide please use the link below

CLICK HERE - to download your free guide on what to bring to your baby shoot

Download our free PDF guide on Preparing for your baby shoot

Emma’s Diary 2015 Baby Portrait Competition

Following one of our lovely babies winning the 2014 national baby of the year competition a number of our mums have been eager to know more about the competition and how they go about entering their own babies for a chance to win.

Well if you are one of those many Mums this post gives you all the information needed, so read on.

Baby of the month competition

Run in association with Emma’s Diary this national monthly competition has now moved to  facebook, making it even easier for your friends to participate.  Each month 5 winners win a £100 Mothercare voucher. Plus of course entering the competition includes a free baby portrait session at our studio along with a photographic gift featuring your favourite image.

winning entry for national baby portrait competition

Baby of the year

Winners of the Baby of the month competition are automatically put through to the yearly competition and the chance for their baby to win £2,000. We are delighted to say it was one of our babies who won this prize for 2014!

Entering the fun

If you live in Aylesbury, Stoke Mandeville, High Wycombe or nearby  entering for the chance at winning £2,000 could not be simpler. If you are already registered with Emma’s Diary watch out for a text email or phone call from us offering a free baby portrait session. We will get  you booked in and at the viewing you will have an opportunity to choose which image you wish to submit.

Can’t wait! No problem. Give us a call on 01296 615631.

Remember we are the only authorised Emma’s Diary photographer in this area.

newborn babies feet are so beautiful and tiny

See who is competing

To see if any of your friends are entering the current competition simply click on the button below to visit the Baby of the Month Facebook page.

While there we would love you to vote for one of our babies. Simply look out for those watermarked Immortaleye Photography

Remember we have a limited number of space available in any month so book your session TODAY!

Get booked in now

If you would prefer us to contact you simply click on the button below to visit our registration page and fill out a simple form.

If your baby is under 1 year old we will arrange your free paby portrait session and Competition entry

Use the code EDBLOG so we know how you found out about

What is Emma’s Diary?

Emma’s Diary is a website and organisation supported by the Royal College of General Practitioners, dedicated to helping new Mums with ensuring their newborn babies get the very best start in life. As well as the website they distribute the Emma’s Diary itself via your Midwife and LLoyds Chemists.

If you have not already done so you may register online to receive your personal welcome pack and take advantage of the wealth of advice provided.

Preparing for your baby portrait session

Those first few days and months of your babies new life are such a special period. A time you will want to remember the rest of your life. Memories need a talisman though, a keepsake they can cling to, A touchstone that brings them flooding back at will.

Snippets of hair, babies first booties and other trinkets all help in recalling those early months. Nothing however has the power endurance and simplicity a photograph of your new arrival provides. Its an investment that will bring joy for the rest of your life and to generations to come.

The more time and effort you invest in making those photos special to you the more powerful the memories they capture. This simple FAQ will help you with what to expect at your session and what you can do to help us ensure you get the very best from your time in our studio.

Simply click on the headings below to read more!

What should my baby wear?

winning entry for national baby portrait competitionFor young babies by far the most popular choice is nothing. This ensures the images will be timeless. We have a lovely selection of natural fabrics that can be draped to give your  little one dignity.

If you prefer clothed photos or want a little extra variety of course you are more than welcome to bring along a favourite outfit. I suggest pretty nappy covers rather than leggings for girls in dresses as this allows you to see those adorable tiny feet.

What do you suggest we wear?

Dad and Mum skin on skin with baby

Mum Dad and Baby

This is a perfect opportunity to get some photos of the two of you with your baby so please come prepared to take part. Most of our sessions are against plain white or black backgrouds. Experience has taught us that the images that work best are generally where parents dress casually wearing simple short sleaved tops in white black or muted colours. Try to avoid large Logo designs as they clash with the baby and can date images over time.

For those looking for a more intimate feel to their photos ‘skin on skin’ photos have a wonderfully intimate feel to them and make a stunning piece of art for the wall.

Is there anything else I should bring to the session?

The above will allow us to create a wonderful range of images but if you have a special toy or family keepsake you wish to incorporate please feel free to bring it along to the session.

How long does the session last?

Everything revolves around your little baby and their comfort. we allow an hour for most sessions with ample safety time between them. Generally the photos themselves take around twenty minutes, which we find is the limit of most babies tollerance.

For newborns we allow more time as they may need feeds or lots of cuddles to settle them between sets. One thing we never do is rush. We want both your baby and you to leave having had a great time.

What is the best age for having baby photos taken?

Babies change so much over that first year almost every week will produce something new and amazing.

If you are looking for those adorable newborn photos with them wrapped up or curled sweetly into a contented ball then you need to get it booked early. Even before baby arrives! The best time for these images is between a couple of days old and 11 days. Up until this point your baby will slip into a ‘milk coma’ once fed and with gentleness and care can be positioned without protest.

Older than this  they have learned to stretch their legs. On the other hand their little personality will be starting to show.

By three months they can start to lift up their heads a bit allowing the first ‘portrait’ shots on our special posers.

Can you do anything about my babies flaky skin or milk spots?

For many new mums the flakiness of newborn babies skin adds to the charm and beauty of their new charge. Don’t let these things bother you however. If you prefer we can deal with this in post production to ensure you have some lovely images to remember this special period by

I'm worried my baby will be ill or decide to cry through the session

Don’t. Most babies are fine but if your baby is one of the rare ones that  is just not in the right mood and cannot be passified, even by us it is not a problem. We are quite happy to reshoot on another day to complete the session with no extra charge

Wow. I actually won a national baby competition

winning entry for national baby portrait competition

Well it was cute little Ellie who really won the baby portrait competition of course and delighted Mum Andrea who received the prize on her behalf.

The competion is nationwide and included photographers from a number of major studios so for us it was a real fillip to get a winning photo  on what was only the second entry to the monthly competition.

If you would like your baby to enter simply give us a call or register online with Emmas diary. We are the only authorised Emma’s Diary photographer for the Aylesbury and surrounding area

The perfect Xmas present for little Esmé

Bump to baby photography is one of the most joyous aspects of life as  a family portrait photographer . It is not simply the knowledge those images you take are going to be treasured for a lifetime. It is also the thrill of seeing that family again and being able to capture the changes as their children grow.

This baby bump session is a perfect example. Little Esmé was barely a few days old when we first photographed her with a tired but happy Mum and Dad. Now she is awaiting the perfect Xmas present. A new baby brother. Mum wanted something lighter and more ethereal for her maternity photographs and although too young to really know what was going on Esmé naturally wanted to have a part of the attention.

We are so glad mum allowed us to share these special moments with you. To arrange your baby bump session or simply find out a little more about how we can help you remember this wonderful part of life just give us a call on 01296 615631. We love to talk

Lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater!

smiling baby portraitMumsnet the Mothers and Baby forum have been in the news again. This time railing against the behaviour of certain reps and  aggressive baby photographers on the maternity wards. Continue reading »

Baby Photography

The miracle of a new baby coming into the world is a wonderful period in life. A time you will want to share with friends and family. With so much going on however it is easy to discover all you have to remember those moments is a few rushed snaps that rarely capture that specialness such memories deserve.

This is where we can help. With our wealth of experience photographing babies from bump to newborn and beyond we can secure those memories with a set of photos you will treasure for a lifetime.

Our bump and baby sessions are a chance to step aside from life for an hour or so. Enjoy some personal time as we work together to create memorable photos that will give pleasure for decades to come.

Our newborn baby portraits normally take place in the calm and quiet of our studio, capturing the beauty and tenderness of those first few days in a way difficult to create at home or in the bustle of a hospital ward.

As your baby grows these wonderful first images will help remind you just how tiny they were in those first days of life.

A baby grows so fast during that first year that at times it can all seem a blur and taking photos that last thing on your mind. Our magic first year package makes sure you have a record of that period to look back on and enjoy.

We arrange a series of sessions spaced to capture the changes that take place. You can then relax and leave the rest to us.

Our maternity portrait sessions will give you enduring memories of those last few weeks before birth. Photos you will want to show everyone long into the future.

They can be sensual and intimate or a fun celebration of the pregnancy now coming to a close. Whatever style you prefer they will be images you will love to look at time and again.

For more details of our lovely baby bump photography Click Here

To book your session and ensure you never lose those treasured memories don’t leave it too late. Simply give us a call on 01296 615631 now and we will organise the rest. Remember to book your baby bump session in plenty of time.

You will also have the opportunity to sign up to our magic first year promotion. A wonderful way of ensuring you have a stunning collection of images from birth to that first birthday.