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Wow. I actually won a national baby competition

winning entry for national baby portrait competition

Well it was cute little Ellie who really won the baby portrait competition of course and delighted Mum Andrea who received the prize on her behalf.

The competion is nationwide and included photographers from a number of major studios so for us it was a real fillip to get a winning photo  on what was only the second entry to the monthly competition.

If you would like your baby to enter simply give us a call or register online with Emmas diary. We are the only authorised Emma’s Diary photographer for the Aylesbury and surrounding area

Couples Portrait Experience

Couples Portrait sessions

When you find that special soulmate to share your life with you want to keep that magic alive. Seek out fresh experiences you can enjoy together and reminisce about in the future. On those occasions when work or duty force you apart it’s comforting to have that keepsake you invested in to remember each other by.

Our Couples Confidential Portrait Experience is a perfect solution. Enjoy an hour in our company as we work with you, creating a wonderful selection of portrait images that capture your special bond. They can be fun, romantic, intimate. For a little extra we can even arrange a makeup artist to ensure the woman (or women) look and feel extra special.

You will both love the experience and of course those images you select will help provide comfort and happy memories during times apart.

To book your session or simply find out more call 01296 615631

couples portrait photography-

Lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater!

smiling baby portraitMumsnet the Mothers and Baby forum have been in the news again. This time railing against the behaviour of certain reps and  aggressive baby photographers on the maternity wards. Continue reading »

Naked baby bump photos…

…are the latest pregnancy trend

And that from the conservative Daily Mail! Of course being the Mail they had to add on ‘But are they a precious memento or just plain tacky?’ Well the women who actually had their maternity photos taken were overwhelmingly emphatic in their reply. They were thrilled with the baby bump photos they recieved and loved their maternity portrait session.

Baby bump and maternity photography first took off with that famous Vanity Fair front cover of Demi Moore. Now, with photos of Kate Middleton’s growing bulge apearing on a regular basis, maternity photography is back in the news. Once women sought to cover up the growing bump. Now it is seen as something to celebrate and increasingly a special memory women want to capture for posterity.

Capturing the simple beauty of that swelling bump is not always easy at home however. Particularly with the growing clutter of gifts and products awaiting the new arrival, which is why arranging a baby bump session with a professional photographer is such a popular choice. We have the facilities to help your feel at ease, along with the sets and props to ensure some amazing photos.

When to book your session

The best time to arrange your baby bump session is around 4 weeks before you are due when the bump is well pronounced. Any later and you risk being too late if the baby comes early. (Our last mum gave birth 13 hours after the session!) By then the morning sickness will be over and you will be looking forward to your new arrival.

What to expect at your baby bump photo shoot

Our goal is to provide a range of memorable images you will want to share with special friends and family.  They can be fun, elegant or sensuous to suit your personal taste. You do not of course need to be nude to get a set of wonderful images. If you wish to though our experienced photographer is used to working sensitively to ensure you enjoy your session

What to bring to your session

To some extent it depends on the style of image you are after. A white shirt borrowed from your partner makes a great picture teamed with a nice pair or bras and panties. And with prodlucts by companies like Hot Milk now available there is some great maternity wear available to choose from. Flesh coloured pants are also handy if you want the sheer style photos but feel you may prefer the comfort of wearing panties.

Those knitted booties can be inluded if you wish. And of course there is always your partner.

A Mad Bad Great year in our Aylesbury Studio

_MG_4292-2Photography may not be the easiest profession to be in at the moment. Alas too many people  think all it takes is a ‘proper’ digital camera and a few You Tube videos to earn a living at it. The briefest look back over the past years work is enough to realise I have the best job I could wish for though.  During that time we have photographed  a Mermaid practicing at a local dive centre, Model portfolios for aspiring new talents. There has been surprise birthday presents and family gatherings from around the world for 50th wedding aniversaries. Women taking their first tentative dip into online dating sites, others in their wedding finery.

Continue reading »

Winter Photography on Snow or Beach

Chinnor winter wonderland

Chinnor winter wonderland

One of the great things about photographs is being able to rekindle past memories. This morning I was reminded of how different the weather was last year. Already this morning the sun is climbing over Bledlow Ridge and melting the morning frost from the first real run of chilly weather this year.

Go back twelve months though and it was a very different scene outside. We were still clearing the last of the heavy snow. Sorting through my photos I came across these, taken in my village in the first week of January! No wonder the British talk so much about our weather when it is so changeable.

I love snow and frost scenes but they can present problems to the casual snapper. Camera phones in particular struggle to cope. They may be convenient but they lack the sophistication to cope with such scenes. Even a professional camera will get it wrong without a little help. The same problem happens on the beach with all that bright sand

The problem is cameras are really not all that clever. They assume what is in front of them is an ‘average’  scene. In most cases that means the bulk of the colours would come out around mid grey if you were to shoot in black and white. That actually works quite well with human skin and the typical landscape. Unfortunately grey snow looks less than exciting and that alas is what your camera will try to do as it thinks the image is too bright and underexposes to ‘compensate’. The same happens with sand. where you will often find the beach looks great but your friends are dark blobs

So what can you do about it? Well all is not lost. Many cameras have additional settings their owners tend to forget about and images can also sometimes be rescued later.

  • Look for a snow/sand setting. Many modern compacts have extra settings designed to tell the camera things are not quite what it thinks. Some have a snow or beach setting . Use this and you images will allow the extra exposure needed to produce nice crisp snow and if you are furtunate enough to be somewhere lapping up the sun ensure your beach shots are exposed correctly too
  • Use exposure compensation. You will have to dig into the manual for this as all cameras differ but essentially you need to set around  +2 stops extra exposure.  Remember to set it back after though, otherwise all you normal images will seem rather dark!
  • Correct it later in a program like Picasa. There is always an option to increase the brightness Really I do not recommend this though. You will lose some detail doing it this way, particularly in the shadows.

Most of all though get out there and take the photos, they are always great to look back on .



Personal Portrait Photography

Personal portraiture is an opportunity to tell your story the way you want it told, with help from an experienced photographer who will work with you to capture the mood and images you are looking for. Perhaps you are tired of only having awkward camera phone snaps of yourself or your partner. Maybe you want to capture a special moment in life. Learning a musical instrument, moving in or out of a relationship. Whatever the reason we can provide what you are looking for.

Personal Attention

Our personal portrait sessions start with a pre shoot consultation with your photographer to discuss what style of images you are looking to create and answer any questions you have.

The sessions itself last up to an hour. Ample time to relax and start enjoying your moment. Time enough to try out several changes of outfit and style. During the session we will take a wide range of images for you to select from at your viewing. This takes place a week later, during which time we will select, colour correct and spot the final images to ensure you will look your best in every one.

Private viewing

Once all your images are ready you will be invited to a private viewing, where we can display your images at the sizes you are interested in buying and suggest a the wide range of options for displaying your final selection. There is no minimum order. You can purchase from as little as a modest desk print up to a large wall image in a range of stunning options. You are of course welcome and encouraged to bring along anyone you would like involved in the decision making.

Something more intimate or daring?

Our personal portrait session can be as formal or sensuous as you want but if you are looking for something special it may be worth considering one of the following options

Makeover Experience session

If you are looking for something a little more special then why not consider a Makeover session? Our qualified stylist will pamper you with a professional make up session. this is then followed by your actual shoot with one of our experienced and published photographers, who know just how to light and photograph in a way that will best flatter you skin and features. Finally your images will receive that extra attention normally reserved for celebrities prior to the viewing. Click here for more details.

Boudoir Photography

Bring out that sensual side of yourself in one of our Boudoir experience sessions. Click here for Boudoir by Baron (contains some tasteful nudity)

Model Portfolio

Fancied yourself as a model? Our model portfolio sessions can be just for fun or the start of a new career. We can give you advice on pitfalls, even set up your first online portfolio. Click here for further details

Pet Photography

Pets are an important member of the family A comforting friend through good times and bad. A portrait of a beloved dog or cherished cat helps ensure they will never be forgotten, We love pet photography and are comfortable working with boisterous puppies and nervous cats. We are equally happy to photograph snakes in the studio, horses at stable or pet pigs wallowing in mud.

Pet portraits make ideal wall art, giving your room warmth and providing an ideal conversation starter for friends and guests. We can offer studio or location sessions and will work with you to create a great range of images for you to make a final selection from. At your personal viewing we will show you a range of ways to display your most treasured image.

We can even show you how it looks on your own wall to ensure your chosen option it is in keeping with the decor and a fitting reminder of that special relationship.

Book your session now!