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Portrait Experience

Couples Portrait Experience

Couples Portrait sessions

When you find that special soulmate to share your life with you want to keep that magic alive. Seek out fresh experiences you can enjoy together and reminisce about in the future. On those occasions when work or duty force you apart it’s comforting to have that keepsake you invested in to remember each other by.

Our Couples Confidential Portrait Experience is a perfect solution. Enjoy an hour in our company as we work with you, creating a wonderful selection of portrait images that capture your special bond. They can be fun, romantic, intimate. For a little extra we can even arrange a makeup artist to ensure the woman (or women) look and feel extra special.

You will both love the experience and of course those images you select will help provide comfort and happy memories during times apart.

To book your session or simply find out more call 01296 615631

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Personal Portrait Photography

Personal portraiture is an opportunity to tell your story the way you want it told, with help from an experienced photographer who will work with you to capture the mood and images you are looking for. Perhaps you are tired of only having awkward camera phone snaps of yourself or your partner. Maybe you want to capture a special moment in life. Learning a musical instrument, moving in or out of a relationship. Whatever the reason we can provide what you are looking for.

Personal Attention

Our personal portrait sessions start with a pre shoot consultation with your photographer to discuss what style of images you are looking to create and answer any questions you have.

The sessions itself last up to an hour. Ample time to relax and start enjoying your moment. Time enough to try out several changes of outfit and style. During the session we will take a wide range of images for you to select from at your viewing. This takes place a week later, during which time we will select, colour correct and spot the final images to ensure you will look your best in every one.

Private viewing

Once all your images are ready you will be invited to a private viewing, where we can display your images at the sizes you are interested in buying and suggest a the wide range of options for displaying your final selection. There is no minimum order. You can purchase from as little as a modest desk print up to a large wall image in a range of stunning options. You are of course welcome and encouraged to bring along anyone you would like involved in the decision making.

Something more intimate or daring?

Our personal portrait session can be as formal or sensuous as you want but if you are looking for something special it may be worth considering one of the following options

Makeover Experience session

If you are looking for something a little more special then why not consider a Makeover session? Our qualified stylist will pamper you with a professional make up session. this is then followed by your actual shoot with one of our experienced and published photographers, who know just how to light and photograph in a way that will best flatter you skin and features. Finally your images will receive that extra attention normally reserved for celebrities prior to the viewing. Click here for more details.

Boudoir Photography

Bring out that sensual side of yourself in one of our Boudoir experience sessions. Click here for Boudoir by Baron (contains some tasteful nudity)

Model Portfolio

Fancied yourself as a model? Our model portfolio sessions can be just for fun or the start of a new career. We can give you advice on pitfalls, even set up your first online portfolio. Click here for further details

Pet Photography

Pets are an important member of the family A comforting friend through good times and bad. A portrait of a beloved dog or cherished cat helps ensure they will never be forgotten, We love pet photography and are comfortable working with boisterous puppies and nervous cats. We are equally happy to photograph snakes in the studio, horses at stable or pet pigs wallowing in mud.

Pet portraits make ideal wall art, giving your room warmth and providing an ideal conversation starter for friends and guests. We can offer studio or location sessions and will work with you to create a great range of images for you to make a final selection from. At your personal viewing we will show you a range of ways to display your most treasured image.

We can even show you how it looks on your own wall to ensure your chosen option it is in keeping with the decor and a fitting reminder of that special relationship.

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Family Portrait

Creating Memories…

Memories are our most important possession. Asked what they’d rescue from a fire, most people say family photographs. How many of us treasure photos of us with our parents or much-loved and sadly-missed granny?

Family portraits are an important part of our history. Capturing passions, interests, loves and relationships. They mark celebrations, anniversaries and special occasions. They tell us where we’ve come from and how we’ve got here.

At Immortaleye Photography, family portrait photography is what we do. We create family photos that will be handed down to your children, to your children’s children. Portraits that will be proudly displayed on walls, mantelpieces and bedside cabinets for generations. Inspiring photographs to hang and cherish for a lifetime.


Before your visit to the studio we will give you some ideas and discuss what you can bring along to to help tell your story. Your family session will last around one hour. Plenty of time to take a wide variety of images and any outfit changes.
Your photographer will discuss what you like before your session, making sure you get exactly what you want from your shoot. Props are a great idea to help show off your family dynamic. Do you play an instrument, or have an unusual hobby?

Everyone is welcome from Mum, Dad and the kids, to Grandparents and even the family pet! Enjoy yourself and not only will you have great fun, we will ensure you have a wonderful collection of stunning photographs.

After your photo session your photographer will select your best images and creatively edit them to produce a show just for you. Then you’re invited back to view your photos in a cinema style presentation and choose your favourite images.

We offer a stunning range of framed products and print packages to decorate your home. You’ll be sure to find a perfect wall portrait, present for Granny and whatever else you need. We take great pride in our printing and framing, offering you the finest albums and a superb range of both traditional and contemporary frame styles.

A family portrait session at our studio is a great opportunity to gather the family together so why not book today. Our family photo shoots are a lot of fun and a great way to spend quality time together.

To Book your family portrait simply call the studio on 01296 615 631 or use the contact form and we will be in touch.


Baby Photography

The miracle of a new baby coming into the world is a wonderful period in life. A time you will want to share with friends and family. With so much going on however it is easy to discover all you have to remember those moments is a few rushed snaps that rarely capture that specialness such memories deserve.

This is where we can help. With our wealth of experience photographing babies from bump to newborn and beyond we can secure those memories with a set of photos you will treasure for a lifetime.

Our bump and baby sessions are a chance to step aside from life for an hour or so. Enjoy some personal time as we work together to create memorable photos that will give pleasure for decades to come.

Our newborn baby portraits normally take place in the calm and quiet of our studio, capturing the beauty and tenderness of those first few days in a way difficult to create at home or in the bustle of a hospital ward.

As your baby grows these wonderful first images will help remind you just how tiny they were in those first days of life.

A baby grows so fast during that first year that at times it can all seem a blur and taking photos that last thing on your mind. Our magic first year package makes sure you have a record of that period to look back on and enjoy.

We arrange a series of sessions spaced to capture the changes that take place. You can then relax and leave the rest to us.

Our maternity portrait sessions will give you enduring memories of those last few weeks before birth. Photos you will want to show everyone long into the future.

They can be sensual and intimate or a fun celebration of the pregnancy now coming to a close. Whatever style you prefer they will be images you will love to look at time and again.

For more details of our lovely baby bump photography Click Here

To book your session and ensure you never lose those treasured memories don’t leave it too late. Simply give us a call on 01296 615631 now and we will organise the rest. Remember to book your baby bump session in plenty of time.

You will also have the opportunity to sign up to our magic first year promotion. A wonderful way of ensuring you have a stunning collection of images from birth to that first birthday.

Celebrate your baby bump

It was Demi Moore who started it with the famous Vanity Fair baby bump cover by photographer Annie Leibovitz. Since then thousands of women have celebrated their pregnancy with tasteful maternity photographs. Not all wish to go quite so far as Demi Moore of course but it remains a wonderful way of remembering that special period in a woman’s life and of sharing it with others. With Victoria Beckham now pregnant rumours are rife that she will also do a pregnancy photo session when the time is right.

Even if you do not wish to go as far as Demi Moore with your pregnancy photographs it is still possible to get some wonderfully evocative images of this special time that will give years of pleasure in the future. To give you some ideas below are some photographs from a recent maternity and baby bump photography shoot by photographer Baron Bratby, with thanks to the clients who have allowed us to use these images. Continue reading »