Kitten Heels

Sometimes the best and most memorable  photo shoot is the one that does not go to plan. On this occasion the plan had been to make another attempt at a vintage themed session by the Grand Union Canal just outside Bedgrove. Alas once again the Aylesbury weather had other plans for us. Thankfully one of the benefits of a studio is you always have somewhere to shoot. In this case it turned out to be a very special and poignant session.

Little Lester was a surprise addition found frightened and abandoned in a country lane a few weeks before and in need of constant care.  An accident of circumstances that ended with some wonderful images when we decided to allow him out in the safety of the studio.

These images prove to be particularly special as sadly despite all the loving care and attention little Lester passed away just a few day later. While Lester life may have been all too short the photos taken on that day will ensure there will always be memories of the warmth he brought into his new home.

Footnote. Since taking these photos the couple who saved Lester have taken in two new kittens in need of a loving home.