Mermaid Discovered in Aylesbury

It is assignments  like this that make it really worthwhile being a photographer. I mean how many divers can genuinely claim to have both seen and photographed a Mermaid!

My chance came when a well known Burlesque performer I know,  Khandie Khisses, needed to find somewhere to practice a Mermaid routine.  With nothing in their health and safety manual to cover mermaids most pools did not want to know. Thankfully I do a little diving and remembered there was a local PADI dive centre in Aylesbury called ScubaDucks.

The owners could not have been more helpful and soon Khandie was busy practising in their training pool. This photo is from a recent session after Khandie Khisses had received her new Mermaid outfit and needed to try it out.

If you would like to know more about Khandie Khisses and Burlesque dancing then visit If you are interested in diving then why not pay ScubaDucks a visit.