Preparing for your baby portrait session

Those first few days and months of your babies new life are such a special period. A time you will want to remember the rest of your life. Memories need a talisman though, a keepsake they can cling to, A touchstone that brings them flooding back at will.

Snippets of hair, babies first booties and other trinkets all help in recalling those early months. Nothing however has the power endurance and simplicity a photograph of your new arrival provides. Its an investment that will bring joy for the rest of your life and to generations to come.

The more time and effort you invest in making those photos special to you the more powerful the memories they capture. This simple FAQ will help you with what to expect at your session and what you can do to help us ensure you get the very best from your time in our studio.

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What should my baby wear?

winning entry for national baby portrait competitionFor young babies by far the most popular choice is nothing. This ensures the images will be timeless. We have a lovely selection of natural fabrics that can be draped to give your  little one dignity.

If you prefer clothed photos or want a little extra variety of course you are more than welcome to bring along a favourite outfit. I suggest pretty nappy covers rather than leggings for girls in dresses as this allows you to see those adorable tiny feet.

What do you suggest we wear?

Dad and Mum skin on skin with baby

Mum Dad and Baby

This is a perfect opportunity to get some photos of the two of you with your baby so please come prepared to take part. Most of our sessions are against plain white or black backgrouds. Experience has taught us that the images that work best are generally where parents dress casually wearing simple short sleaved tops in white black or muted colours. Try to avoid large Logo designs as they clash with the baby and can date images over time.

For those looking for a more intimate feel to their photos ‘skin on skin’ photos have a wonderfully intimate feel to them and make a stunning piece of art for the wall.

Is there anything else I should bring to the session?

The above will allow us to create a wonderful range of images but if you have a special toy or family keepsake you wish to incorporate please feel free to bring it along to the session.

How long does the session last?

Everything revolves around your little baby and their comfort. we allow an hour for most sessions with ample safety time between them. Generally the photos themselves take around twenty minutes, which we find is the limit of most babies tollerance.

For newborns we allow more time as they may need feeds or lots of cuddles to settle them between sets. One thing we never do is rush. We want both your baby and you to leave having had a great time.

What is the best age for having baby photos taken?

Babies change so much over that first year almost every week will produce something new and amazing.

If you are looking for those adorable newborn photos with them wrapped up or curled sweetly into a contented ball then you need to get it booked early. Even before baby arrives! The best time for these images is between a couple of days old and 11 days. Up until this point your baby will slip into a ‘milk coma’ once fed and with gentleness and care can be positioned without protest.

Older than this  they have learned to stretch their legs. On the other hand their little personality will be starting to show.

By three months they can start to lift up their heads a bit allowing the first ‘portrait’ shots on our special posers.

Can you do anything about my babies flaky skin or milk spots?

For many new mums the flakiness of newborn babies skin adds to the charm and beauty of their new charge. Don’t let these things bother you however. If you prefer we can deal with this in post production to ensure you have some lovely images to remember this special period by

I'm worried my baby will be ill or decide to cry through the session

Don’t. Most babies are fine but if your baby is one of the rare ones that  is just not in the right mood and cannot be passified, even by us it is not a problem. We are quite happy to reshoot on another day to complete the session with no extra charge