Retro Pinup |Studio Portrait with a fun twist

When Sarah suggested she fancied doing a retro Photo shoot by the Grand Canal in Aylesbury  the answer could only be yes. Sarah had a vintage bike she wanted to include in her session. having spent a summer restoring it. Sarah also brought  along some Betty Page era outfits.  (I refuse to call them vintage as I was around when they were still the style!)

Alas despite fine weather before and after, on the day it decided to tip down. One of the benefits of running your own photography studio though is you have a fall back when the British weather pulls its usual tricks. So, instead of just giving in we decided to move the photo shoot inside. having fun doing some 60’s style Pinups while the rain rattled down outside.

In truth this is something I have been meaning to do for some time so it was a great excuse to play. We decided not to bring the bike into the studio. Instead we will await a further fine day.

Summer fun shoot. Fifties style with glasses