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Your Baby Portrait - 5 tips

Your new babies first weeks and months are among the most special moments in your life. We believe the perfect way to save those precious memories is through beautiful photography.

To help make the most of your shoot we have produced this short guide on what to wear and bring along to your session. Hopefully, you find it helpful.

baby and big brother lying together wearing tee shirts with I love my big brother and I'm the big brother on

What to Bring

You will want to look back on these photos so it is important they stand the test of time. The best baby photos are often the simplest. For young babies, the most popular images are of baby natural and unclothed. However with so many cute outfits available here’s our guide to what to choose for timeless baby photos.


Nappy Covers. Not only hides the Pampers but also great for active babies. Plain, pastel or simple solid colours work best.
Plain Baby Grow. Plain, muted tones and pastels work great with perhaps a nice texture. We want to capture those lovely little detail shots so go for ones that don’t cover their feet and arms.
Hats. Some babies just love having their heads covered and hats are also a great way to personalise your shoot.
Knitwear. Little knitted outfits can make great shots and the texture can really add to the photos.


Bring several (at least three) outfits with you. This helps avoid stress if an outfit gets mussed or dribbled on.

Going Nude

Your baby of course! The ‘nude’ baby shot is always a popular and classic choice. We have a wide selection of swaddles drapes, props and poses we use to ensure a degree of dignity for the baby. However, to get the best out of your session here are a few things to think about beforehand.


Loosen up clothing.
It’s best to loosen your baby’s diaper and clothing before the photo session. This gives those little imprint marks time to disappear.


Birthmarks and blemishes. We do not normally remove birthmarks but all children pick up little scrapes and bruises from time to time. This is generally not a problem and can be removed in post-production. If there is a larger birthmark you prefer us remove or a small one we may mistake as a temporary blemish please let us know.

Skin on skin: For those seeking a more intimate and natural portrait of themselves and their baby, this style is becoming increasingly popular. We love doing these photos and clients adore the result. The simplest and most popular are of Dad shirtless with baby in arms. If this is something you are considering, let us know. We recommend wearing a loose-fitting top to the shoot (in order to avoid any imprints).

Mum and Dad

We strongly encourage both parents to come along and take part in the fun. In many cases this is the first opportunity to get that memorable photo of you all as a new family – usually one or the other is taking the photos! Clothing should, of course, reflect your personal style but also remain sympathetic to the star of the show, your little baby.

  • We find simple tops with white, black or muted colours work best
  • Avoid Large logos or patterns that compete with baby for attention.
  • Tops with strong colours can create a colour cast on babies skin.
  • Short sleeves allow some ‘skin on skin’ contact with baby
  • Strapless or off the shoulder tops help create an extra intimacy

It is also worth bringing a change of clothes, just in case baby gets over-excited at being cuddled in Mum or Dads arms while unclothed!


We are happy to include young brothers and sisters if time and the baby allows. Some very young children can be reluctant to cooperate. This is normal so don’t stress if they fail to understand what you would like them to do. Just leave it to your photographer – we have a few tricks to get the image you are after.


We allow ample time for feeding, changing and other distractions. If you are breastfeeding we will, of course, give you peace, privacy and the time your need. If you would like a breastfeeding photo as part of the session please feel free to ask.

Pooping & Peeing

They are babies. Its what they do! We are used to it so don’t fret.



We looking forward to seeing you for your session soon. If you have a question please free to call the studio or use the contact form. Click To download a PDF version of this Baby Photography Guide

Final Thoughts

And finally there are a few simple things to consider bringing to your session.

  • A bib: To put on between photos in case baby dribbles.
  • Special toys: Such as teddy or rattle that baby will respond to.
  • Baby wipes & changing items: To clean up any messes.
  • Blanket/comforter: We have a wide range of blankets for shoots but feel free to bring one from home – either to match your home decor or because it’s of special value.
  • Sentimental items such as a teddy from your own childhood, the family christening robe and wedding rings can all be included to make the session uniquely yours.

We hope these tips help you with Your baby shoot.  If you have any questions about arranging a baby portrait contact us today.

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