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Covid-19 Statement

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Following recent government announcements, we are delighted to be opening again on 18th June. We are looking forward to seeing clients again and once more doing the job we love. We also appreciate many will want to know the steps we have taken to ensure their experience is safe as well as fun. While this is not exhaustive, we hope it will answer most questions

First, it is worth remembering that for most of us, the virus is not a severe illness. Children and young babies, in particular, are rarely affected. The main concern for all of us is those who are in vulnerable groups. With family groups from the same household, there is also no reason for social distancing in the studio between family members, meaning we can still shoot these groups.

What we ask from clients

While this emergency is in place, we are happy to count more than one session as a single shoot, so you can still have all the family photographed. We will composite these into a single image at no extra charge if required.

What we have done

What we are doing

We aim to ensure our studio is a save environment while still providing an excellent experience for our clients. When you arrive all surfaces, you are likely to touch, such as handles, guard rails sofas, and props will have been cleaned with antibacterial cleaners. We are using disposable cups for tea or coffee. Our biscuits are in sealed packs. (feel free to help yourself!)

As new advice is published we will implement it where relevant to our studio.

We always seek to have an informal chat with clients before their shoot. If you have particular concerns or preferences, please, feel free to raise them then. We want you to enjoy a stress-free shoot and have some great memories for the future.