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Looking for family photography?
Immortaleye Photography specialise in family portraits in our studio just outside Aylesbury. Family portraits are a fantastic experience for the whole family, a wonderful gift idea, as well as a lovely keepsake for older family members and children.

Creating memories with our family is one way of keeping precious times we have together close to our hearts.

Looking through old photos brings us closer together as we reminisce and can be enjoyed throughout the generations, from young to old – helping to awaken a deep nostalgia within us.

Family photo shoots are a fun, heart-warming experience for everyone involved, whether you are a small family wanting a family portrait for the home, or three generations wanting a photo that will say a thousand words – at Immortaleye we cater for all types and size of family.

Don’t worry if you are initially shy about getting in front of the camera – we’ve been doing this a long time and have several tricks up our sleeve to help you relax and enjoy the shoot. We are also great with kids, and can help you keep them focused in order to get the perfect family portrait.

Before you visit the studio we talk you through the process and discuss ideas of what you can bring along to help tell your story. Your family photography session will last around one hour and there will be plenty of time to take a variety of images and factor in any outfit changes you may wish to incorporate.

We will also discuss the family portraits with you in advance – we always strive to understand what it is you want to achieve from your shoot, and the reason you want the photos taken.  Everyone is welcome to one of our family portraits; from Mum, Dad and the kids, to Grandparents and even the family pet!