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Family Portrait Top Tips

Make the best of your session with these Family Portrait Top Tips.


Preparing for your family portrait does not take long but can make a big difference to the final images. Photos you will be sharing and enjoying for many years to come. This quick guide will help in choosing what to bring and wear to your portrait session with us. Ensuring a fun stress-free session and a set of beautiful images at the viewing.


Avoid last-minute stress and select outfits in plenty of time. Make sure everyone is happy with their outfit.

A few hours before is not the time for Danny to mention those trousers no longer FIT!

Arrange haircuts a few days before so your hair has time to settle. Remember to pack hair brushes combs and other hair products you may need to tame stray locks.

Rock the Styles

We allow ample time for our shoots. Enough to have fun creating at least three different styles. So bring along several changes of outfit to make the most of your portrait session.

  • Light and Bright. Jeans and plain light tops make a great casual look that will stand the test of time.
  • Dark and Moody. Black and White images can look awesome with everyone in dark clothing. Choose long sleaves to help us focus on expression.
  • Creative fun and Fashion. Let your hair down. Put it up! Bring the onesies or cosplay outfits. Above all let everyone be them.


Don’t try to match, unless you are a dance group of course, but do make sure the outfits chosen work together. Try and avoid mixing formal and informal outfits for example, or having one person in a loud top while everyone else has chosen pastels!


Sometimes it’s the little things that make a family portrait special. Hats, jewelry, shawl. They can make a great image awesome. We have a neat selection but nothing beats something special to you.


Tell your story with a favourite toy. Or items that reflect a family members hobby or passion.


When you prepare for your family portrait there are a few things that are best avoided where possible to help ensure you have timeless images you will always love. Tops with Logo’s or text are best avoided. They often date and distract from the face. Transition lenses can cause issues, so if you have a plain pair bring those along.


Black trousers are a good staple item in real life but unless worn with a Tux or black top they are better avoided where practical. Also resist those favourite items that are starting to look a little ‘tired’ Remember, you and your family will be seeing these images for years to come.


If you do happen to forget something, don’t stress. Over time we have built up an eclectic selection of items we can use to add that special something to an outfit. The most important aspect of any shoot is you!

We hope these Family Portrait Top Tips help you to plan your session.  Haven’t booked yet?  Make sure you do below.