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Your Kids Photoshoot Experience - 5 tips

Make the best of your session with these Kids Photoshoot Experience Top Tips.

Preparing for your Kids photoshoot does not take long but can make a big difference to the final images. Photos you will be sharing and enjoying for many years to come. This quick guide will help in choosing what to bring and wear to your portrait session with us. Ensuring a fun stress-free session and a set of beautiful images at the viewing.

Prepare Early

Avoid last-minute stress and select their outfits in plenty of time. Make sure everyone is happy with their outfit.

Arrange haircuts a few days before so your hair has time to settle. Remember to pack hairbrushes combs and other hair products you may need to tame stray locks. If possible bring clothes on hangers or neatly folded to avoid creases. 

Bring Enough

It’s surprising what you get through in a 1 hour photoshoot. We would recommend 2-3 Complete outfits changes (with shoes etc.) and possibly a couple of extra tops for each child taking part. We might not get through everything, but it is much better to have too many clothes than too few.    


Be they an exuberant toddler or talented teenagers we want make the look and feel awesome and have fun. We have found casual, summer clothing (Shorts, jeans, summer dresses etc) generally works really well.  However, this is definitely the time to dig out any special or fun outfits they have.  

We have a number of colourful backgrounds so outfits that match or contrast are great. The backgrounds we have in the studio are cream, baby pink, turquoise, pastel blue, bright blue, yellow, orange, red and purple.

This shoot is about them so if they have a hobby or passion bring something along related to it. Our photographers will be more than happy to include it in the shoot.   


Things to AVOID

When you prepare for your Kids Photoshoot Experience there are a few things that are best avoided where possible. This  will help ensure you have timeless images you will always love and enjoy. Tops with Logo’s or text often date and distract. Also clothing in solid colours generally works better than those with patterns.  


Don't Panic

If you do happen to forget something, don’t stress. Over time we have built up an eclectic selection of accessories, props and items we can use to add that special something to a shoot. However, the most important aspect of any shoot is them!


None of the above is meant to be a hard rule. It is just meant as guidance. If you want to try something different or have a question, please feel free to ask.  

We hope these tips help you with Kids Photoshoot Experience. If you have any questions about having a Kids portrait contact us today.

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