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Would You Dare to bare?

Naked bump shoots are the latest maternity shoot trend...

…according to the Daily Mail! Of course being the Mail they just had to add on ‘But are they a precious memento or just plain tacky?’ Thankfully the women who actually had their maternity photos taken were emphatic in their reply. They were thrilled with the baby bump photos they received and loved their maternity portrait session.

Aylesbury portrait photographer

Baby bump and maternity photography took off with that famous Vanity Fair front cover of Demi Moore. Now, with photos of Kate Middleton’s growing bulge appearing on a regular basis, maternity photography is back in the news. Once women sought to cover up the growing bump. Now rightly it is seen as something to celebrate and increasingly a special moment of their lives women want to capture for posterity.

Capturing the simple beauty of that swelling bump is not always easy at home however. Particularly with the growing clutter of gifts and products awaiting the new arrival, which is why arranging a baby bump session with a professional photographer is such a popular choice. We have the facilities to help your feel at ease, along with the sets and props to ensure some amazing photos.

When to book your session

The best time to arrange your baby bump session is around 8 – 4 weeks before you are due when the bump is well pronounced. Any later and you risk being too late if the baby comes early. (Our last mum gave birth 13 hours after the session!) By then the morning sickness will be over and you will be looking forward to your new arrival.

What to expect at your baby bump shoot

Our goal is to provide a range of memorable images you will want to share with special friends and family. They can be fun, elegant or sensuous to suit your personal taste. Of course you do not of course need to be nude to get a set of wonderful images. If you wish to though our experienced photographer is used to working sensitively to ensure you enjoy your session

What to bring

To some extent it depends on the style of image you are after. A white shirt borrowed from your partner makes a great picture teamed with a nice pair or bras and panties. And with products by companies like Hot Milk now available there is some great maternity wear available to choose from. Flesh coloured pants are also handy if you want the sheer style photos but feel you may prefer the comfort of wearing panties.

Those knitted booties can be included if you wish. And of course there is always your partner!

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