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The last few weeks of pregnancy can be well, a little boring, as many of our new mums will vouch. The morning sickness has passed, and initial nerves and excitement settled. The nursery is ready along with that mountain of nappies and outfits! Now it is just a matter of waiting for mother nature to take her sweet time. The perfect period to arrange a professional baby bump photoshoot.

To help you prepare for your session here are 5 quick tips to help you make the most of your time with us. Not Booked? Just give us a call, or better still Book Online

Pick The Right Time

Don’t leave it too late! Your body has its own view on the best moment for your little one to arrive and it almost certainly won’t be when it is convenient for you! Try to arrange your shoot for between 30 and 36 weeks before your due date. At this stage, your bump will have swollen to an impressive size but hopefully, nature will not frustrate your plans! While your bump will be smaller near the 30-week stage you will be more mobile, which may be a consideration.

We only have a small number of these sessions available, so get your booking in early too


Involve The Family

Bringing your partner along to the shoot allows us to capture some intimate photos of the two of you. Phots that are all too easy to miss out on. (We can also borrow them to help out with some more creative images )If you already have children we can include them as well, should you wish. Of course, this shoot is all about you and your bump. so the final choice is yours


We have a range of maternity dresses and drapes that help us create wonderful images. Some of these use sheer fabric to help show your wonderful bump at its best. A selection of black, white and nude underwear means you can select the most appropriate for the outfit. (If, like many of our Mums-to-be, you are happy to forgo underwear for these shots that is fine too.)

Pamper Yourself

You deserve it! Remember too these photos will be seen many times over by family, friends and even at some stage your yet unborn child, so you will want to look your best. Get your hair done a few days before. Take some time with your makeup, or even consider a makeover. We can arrange this as part of your session if you wish. Don’t forget that manicure too. During the day drink plenty of water as keeping hydrated helps you feel more alert and keeps your skin looking its best. And yes we do have toilets in the studio.


Aylesbury portrait photographer
fine Art maternity shoot. pregnant mum in flowing gown holding baby bump

Finally - Talk to us

As a photographer my ache is to create images my client falls in love with, so let me know if there are styles or images you really love – or hate. This is YOUR maternity shoot and your memories. Let them reflect on who you are. It is important that we know what you are comfortable with and what images are important to you. As a small independent portrait studio, we are not constrained by a particular ‘look’ like many large chains.

We hope these tips help you with Your Maternity Portrait.  If you have any questions about having a Baby Bump portrait contact us today.

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