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About Us

Immortaleye Photography is a father and son photography team with a portrait studio based in Stoke Mandeville, just outside Aylesbury. We have steadily built up a first-class reputation as one of the best photographers in Aylesbury, thanks to our many satisfied clients and high-end results. For us, it’s all about the experience, ensuring the client leaves happy. Confident we have taken some great shots, and  eager to see the finished results!

Here’s a little more about the team:


Hi I’m Baron, owner of Immortaleye Photography. For as long as I can remember I have loved photography and playing about with cameras. If I think back to even further before then I have very fond memories of browsing through battered family albums, looking at all the old photographs and listening to the stories from my parents about the context of the photos.

For me photography is not simply about the images you see on paper or in the frame. It’s so much more than that – it’s the memories they lock in for years and generations to come. Photography is such a powerful tool which we use to inform others of their ancestry, to entertain others with stories surrounding, and perhaps most importantly of all, something which we use to remind us of times gone by (the good ol’ days).

With today’s pace of life being faster than ever, we don’t often stop to appreciate the life which is going on around

us, and it’s easy for precious moments to become lost in the rush to get on with the next task on the to-do list. That’s why Immortaleye feel so passionately about helping people to take the time out to simply enjoy the moments they have with their loved ones, and photography is a fantastic way of keeping hold of those memories for future generations to appreciate.

As an experienced photographer with over 20 years’ experience behind the lens I am totally at ease working with large families, children and pets – and sometimes all of them together! What I really love though is the intimate, individual portrait that really captures a person’s uniqueness and gives them a new confidence; something which can only be captured by someone who understands how to bring the best out of you.

For more information on how my shoots work, or to book your shoot, call now on 01296 615631 or contact me today. I will get back to you.



Hey I’m Nils and I’m the studio fashion & beauty photographer for Immortaleye Photography.

Since I began helping out at dad’s photography studio I have gradually gained more experience in the field and become more and more involved with the business; it’s safe to say I’ve well and truly fallen in love with the art of photography. I find photography to be hard work, challenging, and frequently both exhausting and infuriating at the same time, and often with moments which can only be called bizarre; and I love every minute of it!

Working with photography in rural Buckinghamshire allows me to be creative, experiment, and try new things. I’ve met and worked with some amazing and talented people and hope to collaborate with many more in the years to come. Although still relatively new to the business I’m starting to develop my own style and approach to creating great images. I love simple compositions that use light and vivid colour to add impact. For me, an image should draw the eye to it and make you want to look.

I shoot many styles of photography; I’ve worked on projects recently including vintage pin-up, reportage, and classic Hollywood noir, however my main focus is definitely contemporary fashion & beauty – this is an area I really love and I’m currently looking to work with new and established designers as a way of building up my contacts within the industry.

Please feel free to give me a call to find out more about what I do and my style of photography.