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Your Dog Portrait - 5 tips

Thinking about booking Your Dog Portrait but wondering how you can keep it stress-free and fun.  These 5 tips will help you.

We love doing dog portrait sessions. Each one has its own little character and we know their owners will cherish the images we create for years to come. To help you prepare we have created this short blog on getting ready for your dog’s big day at our portrait studio.


Short-haired dogs are rarely an issue but anyone who has one of the longer-haired breeds knows it is a constant process keeping them cleaned and groomed. Take away some of the stress by arranging for your dog to be professionally groomed a couple of days before your pets photoshoot with us. And don’t forget to bring along the brush, just in case they need a little tidying before their portrait is taken!

Exercise before your shoot

Or not! An older dog may need to be rested, ready for their big day. For most though a good walk before their portrait shoot will help to settle them down, allowing us to focus more on taking great photos of your beloved pet.

Bring some Treats

But keep them secreted away until your photographer asks for them. We want to give you a range of great images during your dogs’ portrait session. Some dogs get overexcited once they realised treats are available, which can be great for some shots but not so good for others! We will let you know when itis the right time.

Remember their favourite toys

It can be used to get attention or to help tell their story as part of the set. While you are at it have a think about anything else you feel would say something about them or you. Even that brace of Pheasants!

Prepare the night before

Life is so less stressful if you have everything ready. We even have a little PDF you can print or download to your phone. Remember,

  • Grooming Kit
  • Water bowl
  • Treats and toys
  • Best collar and lead if you want them in the photo
  • Medications if normally taken around the time of the shoot

Most of all though relax! We have been doing this for years and worked with so many dogs. If you happen to forget something we will have a solution. Oh, and be prepared to take part in a couple of photos at least. People are often surprised how much they love these and it can also be a great way to settle down a nervous pet. (And yes we do photograph other animals too)

We hope these tips help you with Your Dog Portrait.  If you have any questions about having a dog portrait contact us today.

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