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We have had a makeover!

Our new feature wall is up and aircon being fitted

It is hard to believe we have run our family portrait studio at this location in Aylesbury for eight years now. During those years we must have photographed hundreds of families babies and individuals. Every year over the Xmas break we have taken time out to decorate repair and update ready for the next season of photo shoots.

This year has been a big one! The winters heavy snow followed by a summer heat wave made us realise it was time to invest in making sure our lovely clients had the very best experience with us. Which meant more variety and fun in our sessions. Also ensuring no matter what the weather outside our customers would be comfortable during their photo shoot. Particularly important as we are increasing our boudoir and makeover portrait experience sessions.

The new feature wall not only means some extra insulation to cope with the vagaries of Aylesbury weather but also allows gives us a great new background to shoot a range of portrait sessions against. Whether babies teens families or boudoir. The new air conditioning also means we can be confident that no matter how hot or cold it is outside our clients will be comfortable.

Some images making use of the new feature

We love how it can be used in different ways to create different moods

Fitting it also allowed us to install much needed insulation behind it too

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